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iMedia Sales is a Dallas based media sales agency, in business since 2001. We provide national and regional advertising sales for the ever increasing number of small-to-medium sized broadcast networks, on either Cable, Fiber, Over-The-Top (OTT), or IPTV-Streaming platforms.

We Sell

iMedia Sales sells airtime, sponsorship and promotions on interactive, broadcast and device platforms to direct advertisers, media buying agencies and PR agencies on behalf of their clients, allowing the broadcast channels to focus on the operations of their entertainment channel.

Advertisers and their agencies are looking for innovative ways to deliver their messages to their customers, and we provide integrated solutions that maximize on the exposure for the advertisers.

We offer representation in the US and Canada, monetizing a loyal audience of the network, both on screen and off.

We Provide

In addition to advertising, sponsorship and promotional sales for existing broadcasting organizations, iMedia Sales provides consultancy to emerging platforms, offering it's experience in various aspects of the startup process from the operational knowledge through to revenue forecasting and market research.

Having worked on the launch of many broadcast platforms over the past several years, our knowledge of developing solid programs to drive revenue is an essential pillar of any broadcast organization.

Our Services


We match your marketing objectives to our networks and the show's audience to ensure you get the maximum exposure for your commercials


Aligning your brand to specific segments or custom features that appeal to a relevant audience. We work with our clients to maximize results

Promotions & Contests

Create interaction with the audience, encouraging prospects to exchange their personal information for a chance to win.

Special Projects

Using our unique blend of interactive and integrated tactics, iMedia Sales can develop a very effective campaign that drives leads, inquiries and sales growth.

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